HDG Horizontal Pouch Machines

High quality pouch forming, filling and sealing

Pouch packaging machines delivered by HDG will ensure you have an efficient, high quality and cost-effective production with a guaranteed delivery to your customers. HDG machines are designed to be easy to use, convenient to clean and format changes are safe and easy to perform. Together with our principal, we take care of supplying spare-parts and service for the packaging machines we deliver.

HDG RB-300

HDG RB-300


With the HDG horizontal pouch machines you can pack a range of different type of products.

Food Products:

  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Powder products
  • Breakfast products
  • Biscuits
  • Spices
  • Liquid products
  • Dairy products

Pharmaceuticals and chemicals:

  • Powder products
  • Cleaning and washing agents

Cosmetic products:

  • Cosmetic cleansing tissues
  • Creams
  • Granulate products
  • Powder products

Pet food:

  • Typical pet food products

HDG Pouch Styles

HDG bagThe following examples are pouch styles that HDG machines can produce. Additionally, together with our customer we can design their own pouch style.

Additionally, together with our customer we can design your own pouch style.

  • 3-side sealed pouch with zipper, eurohole, double pouch with perforation, head contour
  • 4-side sealed pouch with zipper, eurohole, double pouch with perforation, head contour
  • Doypack style bag
  • Doypack with zipper and/or easy tear
  • Bottom folding
  • Re-sealable bags
  • Custom-made bags

Packaging machines

HDG delivers horizontal machines suitable for premade pouches as well as machines producing the pouches from roll stock. Depending on the machine type and model the output is 20-400 bags/minute.

The lines can be equipped with dosing equipment and additional functions according to the customers’ needs:

  • Esivalmistetuille pusseille
  • Koneita joissa pussit muodostetaan ja saumataan materialirullasta
  • Pakkausnopeuudet 20-600 pussia/min

Linjat varustetaan annosteölu- ja lisälaitteilla asakkaan/tuotteen tarpeen mukaan:

  • auger fillers
  • multi head weighers
  • volumetric fillers
  • counting equipment
  • feeding & cutting systems for tissues
  • printers
  • feeding of inert-gas
  • feeding and applying of Zipper and other reclosing systems


HDG BF 200

HDG BF 200

HDG RB 400

HDG RB-400

Packaging lines

We also deliver complete packaging lines including vertical baggers, horizontal baggers, horizontal flow wrappers, dosing equipment and product feeding solutions as well as case packers. More information can be found at packaging lines.


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