Case packers

Case packers

Syntegon packaging machines for secondary packaging include machines for Wraparound boxes, RS-boxes and machines for tray or tray and hood. The output for the case packers is up to maximum 80 cases/min.

Bosch Elematic 3001 – case packer

Syntegon Elematic 3001 – case packer


Syntegon also deliver toploaders for chocolate bars and tabs, biscuit packages, cheese products, bags, for dairy products and for products from the pharmaceutical- health- diagnostics- and cosmetic industry.

Bosch TTM Toploader

Syntegon TTM Toploader

Shrink or stretch film packages

Pester provides film wrapping machines for shrink or stretch films and case packaging machines. Pester delivers these case packers, cartoning machines and palletizers for food, pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industries.

Pester PEWO-pack 250 Compact

Pester PEWO-pack 250 Compact

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