Quality inspection

Solutions for product security control

Laetus GmbH produces code readers and print evaluation units for packaging lines. The delivery includes both the machine and the needed software for the machine.

Laetus Codecontrol

Laetus Codecontrol

Inspection machines for pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry

Syntegon manufacture inspection machines for ampoules, vials, cartridges and syringes. With Syntegon Eisai machines you can check micro cracks and particles in bottles, ampoules, vials and color codes on the containers.

MEKI™ X-ray devices

Mekitec Oy delivers food product quality inspection devices based on x-ray technology. MEKI™ X-ray devices recognize metal, bone, stainless steel, glass, stones, hard plastic and teflon. With the MEKI™ X-ray devices you can also inspect possible broken or missing products, for example a broken chocolate bar or a missing clip-closure on a bakery package. Mekitec delivers three machine models, MEKI, CombiMEKI, MidMEKI and SIDEMEKI.

MEKI X-ray devices

MEKI X-ray devices

Serialization and aggregation

Our principals Syntegon and Pester have delivered numerous packaging lines including equipment for serialization and aggregation. Syntegon can provide T&T, TE and for serialization by CPS-modules. These equipment can be installed in an already existing lines or in new packaging lines. Syntegon also deliver software to establish the communication between the serialization units and a higher software system.

Bosch CPS serialization module

Syntegon CPS serialization module

Pester has delivered hundreds of serialization and aggregation solutions for secondary packaging machines and palletizers. 

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